A Kokedama Workshop at Book Stand


One of the pleasures of living in Los Angeles is the close proximity to nature. I still can’t get over the abundant hiking trails dotted with yellow wildflowers or the occasional coyote sighting. After growing up in the desert—where I painted rocks or spoke to silent cacti—and after years in New York City where I saw many a fire escape garden wither in the grey heat, I decided to resurrect my nonexistent green thumb. Luckily, the Book Stand pop-up shop at the Hollywood Standard was offering a plant workshop devoted to kokedama, aka the art of Japanese hanging gardens. If you’re imagining Scarlett Johansson stumbling upon a languid flower arranging class in a high-end Tokyo hotel while an Air soundtrack magically tinkers in the ether, you’ll understand how I saw myself in this situation. Sadly, I’d mistaken kokedama for ikebana, but I was still intrigued. Continue reading…