Conclusion: A Short Film Inspired by Books

Conclusion Film

One of my favorite bookstores in the world is easily Oakland’s Book/Shop. Owner Erik Heywood sells a rotating selection of unique titles along with bookcases, tote bags, and artwork in a beautifully designed space tucked down an alleyway. It’s pretty much a bibliophile’s dream (as is their Instagram feed).

When the hubs and I were visiting last fall, Erik kindly asked us to contribute a short film to Book/Shop’s inaugural the Book Was Better® Film Festival. The rules were simple: make a short film based on a chapter of a book. We chose Henry David Thoreau’s Walden, specifically the conclusion to the book, and gave ourselves the challenge of shooting and editing it all in a single day. We wanted to capture the feeling of being solitary in nature while also highlighting one of our favorite secret groves hidden in the hills above Los Angeles. Take a look at the finished film below!

Kittens & Kale!


We were celebrating a birthday at a crowded bar in Los Feliz. Somehow the conversation veered towards the end of 2013, and somehow we got on the subject of kittens and kale. Call it momentary meme-ory loss or the fact that two of us had just adopted rescue kittens, but when the words KITTENS & KALE poured forth from our collective, wine-stained lips, little light bulbs went off.

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