Kittens & Kale!


We were celebrating a birthday at a crowded bar in Los Feliz. Somehow the conversation veered towards the end of 2013, and somehow we got on the subject of kittens and kale. Call it momentary meme-ory loss or the fact that two of us had just adopted rescue kittens, but when the words KITTENS & KALE poured forth from our collective, wine-stained lips, little light bulbs went off.

Along with me, the “we” are fellow creatives Hamish Robertson, Claire Cottrell, and Lauren Spencer King. Together, we came up with the idea to shoot portraits of recently adopted kittens along with their rescue stories plus include portraits of kale and accompanying recipes from local LA restaurants. Aside from wanting to collaborate on a fun creative project together, our animal-loving goal was to also raise money for Best Friends Animal Society, a fantastic organization dedicated to making LA a no-kill city.

We had a blast meeting seven adorable kittens and are thrilled that FIVE of our favorite LA restaurants—Cookbook, Forage, Moon Juice, Heirloom LA, and Alma, voted Best New Restaurant in America by Bon Appétit magazine—graciously gave us some stellar kale recipes. It’s sort of like a deconstructed recipe zine featuring ridiculously cute kittens frolicking with kale. We hope you find it funny, sweet, informative, heartwarming, palate inducing and also a whole lot of fun.

Kittens & Kale is available now in our online shop (along with a web-only kale chips recipe from Venice’s Another Kind of Sunrise) and at this weekend’s LA Art Book Fair at both Vacation Days and Book Stand. We’d love your support!

Our buddies over at The Fox is Black are also throwing in this free desktop wallpaper as an incentive. *meow*